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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ozzy could write "four fucking books, y'know" - My Boston Herald interview

Since the Herald is a family newspaper, the "fucks" had to be replaced with "(expletive)". But trust me, Ozzy is one of those dudes who uses the word "fuck" like a comma - in every sentence.

Diary of a madman

Ozzy Osbourne takes readers for a ride on the crazy train

By Dave Wedge
Wednesday, January 27, 2010 - Updated 1h ago
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Any rock book worth its weight in groupies is littered with sordid tales of sex, drugs and excess.

But few rock star tales can measure up to the war stories of the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne.

“I could sit down and write four fucking books, y’know,” said the 61-year-old heavy metal icon, who will be signing copies of his new autobiography, “I Am Ozzy,” at the Kenmore Square Barnes & Noble Thursday at 7 p.m.. “At the end of it, I said (to ghost writer Chris Ayres), ‘You think you’ve got enough?’ He said, ‘I’ve got enough for two books.’ ”

Ozzy’s long-anticipated tome is chock-full of tales of death-defying drug binges, STD-transmitting groupies, deadly road incidents and other madness.

“They said I would never write this book,” “I Am Ozzy” begins. “Well fuck them. All I have to do now is remember something.”

Read the rest here . . .

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Love the Pizza at the Lit

Some dude got capped at The Lit, an infamous Brockton drinking hole that has great pizza. Used to love going there but won't be returning anytime soon. The new mayor in Brockton has a lot on her hands as the city is spiraling out of control.

Shootings are up again and driving around there the other day, I've never seen more boarded up, vacant buildings in my hometown. Starting to look like Detroit . . . sad . . .

Check this out from the Boston Herald:

The newly inaugurated Brockton mayor this morning vowed a crack down on youth violence after two separate shootings last night left one man dead at a city bar and injured a teenager at the Westgate Mall.
“Brockton is a safe community,” said Mayor Linda Balzotti, who promised to combat youth violence during her inauguration as the city’s first woman mayor on Monday. “These are targeted incidents and the individuals are known to each other. These are not random acts.”
Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz told The Enterprise of Brockon a man was fatally shot at about 6 p.m. at The Lit bar on Ames Street.
Shortly before the bar shooting, a teen was shot in the leg at a Westgate Mall entrance during an altercation with the alleged shooter, said mall General Manager Luciano Villani.