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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cleveland officials want you to know: "We are not a bunch of unemployed douche bags"

It was only a matter of time before the woeful city of Cleveland tried to cash in on this hilarious faux-promo video that pokes fun at the hardscrabble burg's joblessness, pitiful, two-building skyline and "douche bag"-inviting downtown. Both videos are hilarious and now the city is trying to repair its image with of course, a feel good contest . . .

Maligned Cleveland makes most of comic's insults
20 hours ago
CLEVELAND (AP) — Come to Cleveland, where the economy is based on LeBron James, the streets are filled with drifters and broken-down homes can be had for the price of a VCR.
Those claims are made in sarcastic YouTube music videos produced by a hometown comic. But in the spirit of good faith, travel officials are asking him to help judge a contest they're responding with.

Read the rest here . . .

Here is one of the awesome videos . . .

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