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Sunday, October 11, 2009

What Do Tiesto and KISS Have In Common?

Not much really, except that both put on massive spectacles in the past week in Boston that were part of a whirlwind run of incredible shows I've checked out. I'm amazed I'm not deaf like Pete Townsend by now . . .

Saw Tiesto at an arena in Lowell, Hatebreed at Harper's Ferry in Boston, KISS at the Boston Garden and Shadows Fall and Five Finger Death Punch at House of Blues in Boston. All great shows but I was especially amazed at the majesty of the KISS and Tiesto shows. Tiesto's massive wall of video, lazers, spasm-inducing lights and pulsating house nearly rivaled the sensory overload of KISS' gargantuan set. At the very least, Gene Simmons would have been proud of Tiesto's production and probably said, "This guy gets it."

But I have to say, the KISS stage show was awesome - colored fire, giant flash pots, explosions and confetti showers. That's how you put on a show. Anyone who says otherwise is a tool.
Here are links to my reviews of some of these shows from Lime Wire Music Blog and the Boston Herald:

I'll be at Airborne Toxic Event Tuesday at HOB. If this keeps up, I may need hospitalization . . .

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